Call for Papers: PSYOP Special Edition of Special Warfare Magazine

To the PSYOP Community of Interest,

The 2d Quarter, FY19 Special Warfare magazine will be a special edition dedicated to Psychological Operations in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of the Regiment. The PSYOP Commandant is soliciting articles from the community of interest for this edition. The submission standards are detailed below by the Special Warfare Editorial Staff. All submissions will be reviewed by the PSYOP Commandant to select articles for the edition. The intent is to select a broad range of topics of interest that are representative of the Regiment’s lineage, past achievements, current capabilities and operations, emerging trends, and conceptual future force.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Manuscripts should be 2,500 to 3,000 words in length.
  2. Include a cover letter.
  3. Submit a complete biography with author contact information (i.e., complete mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail address).
  4. Manuscripts should be submitted in plain text, double-spaced and in a digital file.
  5. End notes should accompany works in lieu of embedded footnotes. Please consult The Chicago Manual of Style (15th Edition), for footnote style.
  6. Submit graphics, tables and charts with source references in separate files from the manuscript (no embedded graphics). Special Warfare may accept high-resolution (300 dpi or greater) digital photos; be sure to include a caption and photographer’s credit. Prints and 35 mm transparencies are also acceptable. Photos will be returned, if possible.

All submissions will be reviewed in a timely manner. Special Warfare reserves the right to edit all contributions. Special Warfare will attempt to afford authors an opportunity to review the final edited version; requests for changes must be received by the given deadline.

Articles that require security clearance should be cleared by the author’s chain of command prior to submission.

No payment or honorarium is authorized for publication of articles. Material appearing in Special Warfare is considered to be in the public domain and is not protected by copyright unless it is accompanied by the author’s copyright notice. Published works may be reprinted, except where copyrighted, provided credit is given to Special Warfare and the authors.

Submit articles with all attachments for consideration to:

Mr. Al Lunt, Chief PSYOP Doctrine Division, and MSG Erik Schildt, PSYOP Commandant Operations NCO,

Submission deadline is NLT 5 Oct 18. This suspense is to allow for internal review before submission to the Special Warfare Editorial Staff.

PRA Announces Rebranding Initiative

PRA Rebranding Announcement

One-hundred years ago in August 1918, Psychological Operations became operational for service in World War I when the American Expeditionary Forces’ Propaganda Section, led by Captain Heber Blankenhorn, produced the first leaflet. The Psychological Operations Regimental Association (PRA) was established in 2012 with the purposes of fostering tradition, history and camaraderie among all Soldiers, educating the PSYOP force and circulating professional ideas, recognizing excellence within the PSYOP Regiment, and commemorating the memory of Psychological Operations troops who have paid the ultimate price in defense of American ideals.

This August we are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Psychological Operations with an opening ceremony for a museum display of PSYOP artifacts in the JFK Hall Atrium at SWCS. This display will remain in place for the month of August.   We would like to thank the JFK Museum curator, Roxanne Merritt, and her staff for their assistance in making this happen. We would also like to thank the generosity of the PSYOP Regimental Piper, Mr. Doug Elwell, for his loan of many of the artifacts you will see which come from his personal collection.

In conjunction with this event, the PRA is announcing that this year is the year of our rebranding. The National Executive Council has changed the PRA logo to reflect the enduring legacy of the Regiment that came from modest beginnings and extends beyond the four existing PSYOP groups of today. Last year the PRA acknowledged the historical ties of PSYOP and military deception by inviting the author of The Ghost Army of World War II, Rick Beyer, to speak at the Regimental Dinner in 2017.   The Council also changed the annual and lifetime membership certificates, and updated the association by-laws. The new logo can be seen on the invitation to the August 1st museum display opening ceremony. The newly designed lifetime certificate will be sent out soon to all paid life-time members and the by-laws are in the final rewrite.

We are also excited that the PRA Fort Bragg Chapter is starting up. Local Chapters are the best way for members to be involved in the PRA. The goals and aspirations of the PSYOP Regimental Association can best be served by Chapters in the field, which are organized and activated to build a network of motivated and interested members in their local areas. The fraternal bond formed by shared experiences can be found only at Chapter level, where the commonalities of environment, mission, locality and structure create a positive atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect. Ultimately, the true strength of the Association will be determined by the active Chapters and their programs. We encourage other current and former PSYOP and associated MOS Soldiers to start a local chapter in order to provide an environment to continue the PSYOP fraternal bond.

We, the National Executive Council hope that you will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Psychological Operations with us. If you are not local to Ft. Bragg we encourage you to get together with other PSYOP and related MOS Soldiers in your area to commemorate this important historical event. We also hope you will join the PRA during our rebranding year.


Neil Heupel

President, PRA

PSYOP’s 100th Anniversary

On January 23, 1918, Captain Heber Blankehorn reported for duty as the first officer-in-charge of the newly-formed “Psychologic Subsection” of the Military Intelligence Branch of the U.S. Army’s General Staff. This marks the beginning of what we now know as U.S. Army Psychological Operations (PSYOP).

This year, the PRA will be sponsoring, supporting, and promoting events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of PSYOP. Click on the link below to view the actual letter of commendation, from Major Charles Mason to Captain Blankenhorn.

CPT Blankenhorn Commendation

Survey Results Posted

Click the link below to see the results of the 2017 PRA Survey, as well as a letter from PRA Executive Council President, Mr. Neil Heupel.

Letter to PRA


Welcome to the Psychological Operations Regimental Association website.  Here you’ll find information about our association, regimental history, psychological operations heroes past and present, event calendar, and much more.  Thanks for your interest in our association and our regiment.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos,
-Neil Heupel, President


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