PSYOP Regimental Birthday Dinner Update: Tickets Now Available Online!

PSYOP Regimental Birthday Update:

Tickets are now on sale for the PSYOP Regimental Birthday Dinner, which will be held at the Iron Mike Conference Center, Fort Bragg, NC, on Saturday, November 3 from 6 pm until 9 pm, with Happy Hour from 5:oo pm to 6:00 pm. The price for the dinner is $40. Tickets are available via the following link:

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Adam Silverman, who current serves as a Subject Matter Expert for the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Security Dialogue in the Middle East and U.S. Army Europe and is a former Social Science Advisor for Strategic Communications at TRADOC.

Come out and help us celebrate the 20th Birthday of the PSYOP Regiment and the 100th Anniversary of U.S. Army PSYOP.








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